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USS Norman Scott DD690

Painting of the USS Cleveland and USS Norman Scott in action off Tinian Island, July 24, 1944. Image courtesy of Wayne VanDerVoort.

USS Norman Scott DD690

Dear Mr. Brockett:

My name is Wayne VanDerVoort. Attached is a painting I had commissioned to honor and to thank the crew that served aboard the USS Cleveland on July 24, 1944. In the painting the USS Cleveland is going to the aid of the USS Norman Scott DD 690. The Norman Scott just received six hits from 6 inch shore batteries in just a few seconds. Minutes earlier the USS Norman Scott was moving in to draw fire away from the USS Colorado BB 45, which was being attacked by the same shore batteries. While the USS Colorado was moving out of range the USS Norman Scott took six hits in just a few seconds killing the captain along with 22 of his ship mates, 57 were wounded.

Orders were given to all ships (USS Colorado, USS Cleveland, USS Remey, USS Wadleigh ,USS Monssen and the USS Norman Scott ) to move out of range. The USS Norman Scott was unable, she was dead in the water from the hits she received. Seeing the state the USS Norman Scott was in and disobeying orders to move out of range, the Cleveland moved in between the shore batteries and the Norman Scott to silence the shore batteries.

According to the officers and crew I have spoken too give credit to the USS Cleveland for saving the USS Norman Scott from being sunk or more severely damaged. My father served aboard the USS Norman Scott from her commissioning to her decommissioning. I'm convinced I wouldn't be writing you if it wasn't for the USS Cleveland and her crew.


Wayne VanDerVoort